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Our free app will stop spam calls and voicemail instantly. Not only that, illegal spam calls will help law enforcement track and shut down the bad guys. Protect yourself and help protect others!
Adriane Alexander YouMail testimonial
5 stars
Peace and Quiet. This app allows me to have peace. My phone no longer rings off the hook.
Adriane A.
Rose Bambach YouMail testimonial
5 stars
Excellent. Significant reduction in spam and my friends enjoy the personalization when they call!
Rose B.
Robbie Davis YouMail testimonial
5 stars
Amazing product. I am never going to have to depend on Verizon to block my calls as they don't. No more pesky, unwanted calls!
Robbie D.

Frequently asked questions

YouMail stops robocalls and spam from bothering you. With YouMail, you get taken off of spam lists and have access to premium services such as call screening to protect your security, so you can maintain your privacy and answer your phone confidently. When YouMail sees an illegal call, it can notify carriers, enterprises, and the authorities.

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YouMail provides smarter visual voicemail with free voice to text and an awesome voicemail app. It filters spam voicemail messages, and is accessible not just on your phone, but on any device. It includes personal voicemail greetings and even allows callers to effortlessly join your free conference call.

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YouMail virtual phone numbers provide a second phone number to separate personal from work calls, while keeping your cell phone private and protecting you from unwanted calls. Get a local phone number anywhere in the US.

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YouMail has 13 million users, answered 10 billion calls, and stopped over 1 billion robocalls! Our reverse phone lookup service is used by millions every month. Our reputation monitoring and reputation management services protect carriers and enterprises. And our robocall index is used by government and industry as the definitive look at the robocalling problem.

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A virtual phone number is a brand new phone line that you add to your current mobile device. With YouMail, you can choose any area code and even completely customize your virtual number. You can share the number with your friends and family, separating your personal number from any communication. Adding a new virtual phone number is easy. Simply create an account with YouMail, enter your preferred area code and instantly view available numbers that you can reserve. Then, pick your number and choose the best YouMail plan that works for you. You can start with just one number or add up to 15 virtual numbers for your entire team. It all starts with our easy-to-use number picker.

Blocking robocalls is YouMail’s #1 priority. YouMail offers personalized protection and maximum call blocking to stop robocalls from reaching your mobile phone.

With YouMail Reverse Lookup, you can search for the caller details of any number in the US or Canada – landline, mobile, business or person. Use Reverse Lookup to learn a caller's name, business, location, and even view a photo ID or website link if it's available. You can quickly get in touch with the callers who are important and don't worry about the ones you don't know. It's so easy to use a reverse phone lookup app. With YouMail all you need to do is access the main screen on your YouMail app and simply tap on the 'Lookup Number' icon. Then, simply type in the number you want to search. You'll learn a caller's name, business, location, and even view a photo ID or website link if it's available. You can also check out our national phone lookup directory, where you can search for any phone number.

Spam robocalls have been on the rise and you may not be properly protected. You can track monthly robocall data on YouMail’s Robocall Index. To ensure maximum protection, download YouMail and subscribe to one of our services.

Reporting a scam phone number is easy. Simply visit YouMail’s Robocall Index and report the number that had called you. You can also hit the “Block or Report Spam” buttons in the YouMail app or enter the number on and report spam there.

YouMail makes the best free call blocking app, period. Our technology offers the most premium experience, with rapid detection and protection unmatched by anyone on the market. Plus, we have the largest spam directory, so we’re able to shield you from more numbers than anyone else.

You can start using caller ID today by downloading the free YouMail app in the App Store or Google Play Store. Simply add your phone number and YouMail’s caller ID app for Android or iOS will begin protecting your mobile device. You can even add multiple new numbers to the same device and receive the same caller ID feature on each one.