YouMail Voicemail Auto-Replies

Use voicemail auto-replies to automatically respond to your incoming callers!

As part of the celebration of this new feature at YouMail, we thought we'd share the top ten reasons why you'd want to use voicemail auto-replies.

Top Ten Reasons To Enable Auto-Replies

  1. Your callers can listen to the voicemail they left.
  2. Your callers can use the hyperlink to their voicemail and share it with friends, family or colleagues.
  3. You can let your callers know their calls are important to you with a custom message.
  4. You can let your callers know you are out of the office (for a day, for vacation) with a custom message.
  5. You request callers with an UNKNOWN caller ID to identify themselves
  6. Your callers can see how they appear on caller ID, then correct their name
  7. Your callers can see how they appeared and provide a picture to accompany their calls
  8. Your callers can learn "the secret" of how they were greeted by their own name
  9. Your callers can download the audio of their message to their PC for their own records
  10. Your callers can learn about and join YouMail!