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About Us

By The Numbers

  • Over 4 million registered users.
  • Over 150,000 businesses.
  • Over 100 million unique callers.
  • Over 2 billion calls.
  • Over 2 million calls every day.

What is YouMail?

We answer calls when you can't.

Because you're busy. Because your time is valuable. Because you just don't want to talk.

Our Visual Voicemail Plus apps for iPhone and Android provide voicemail that people actually rave about. Imagine that.

We're now answering a lot of calls for a lot of people, and odds are we’ve already answered one of yours.

Go ahead - check out our apps. You might find yourself raving about your voicemail too. Or wanting to join us some day.

Our Technology

What's our secret sauce? It's our proprietary, massively scalable, hosted communication platform - built entirely on an open source stack. This platform lets us build a feature-rich service, with economics that let us offer much of it for free.

We also have a collection of APIs and web services that speed mobile development, This lets third-parties, like MagikMail and Better YouMail, build great apps too.

How good is our technology? We have carriers like Blue Wireless, VoicePulse, and Big Sky Mobile using us as their default voicemail, and others, like RedPocketMobile and Viaero Wireless recommending us to their subscribers. With more to come - just stay tuned.

Our Investors

We've got some great investors backing us: Vantage Point Capital Partners, the Crunch Fund, Siemer Ventures, and the Tech Coast Angels.
YouMail is simply better voicemail.
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