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YouMail Greeting Then Rick R..
YouMail Greeting Then Rick Roll
The beginning is the stardard YouMail professional greeting... then yes, it rick rolls your caller. Eviiiiiiiiil.
Added: 4/8/10
From: slackware
Listens: 188567
Tags: roll rick
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Comments On This Greeting ( 32 )
At 6/11/15 5:12 PM, FartGarfunkel said...
How do I make this my default so I can actually use it? I tried "use this greeting" but it just tells me to enter my number and make a new account but I don't want to I want to use this one
At 6/10/15 5:29 AM, Rodribon27 said...
How can I add this voicemails??? It keeps asking my phone number but never download!!!
At 4/15/15 11:15 PM, *Anonymous* said...
At 3/6/15 3:00 PM, MlDNlGHT said...
Yeah buddy
At 10/26/14 11:38 PM, Csoreal said...
Enjoyed lots if fun!!!!
At 9/25/14 6:46 PM, Phili said...
Music has got to go , cute though
At 9/25/14 1:53 AM, *Anonymous* said...
At 7/28/14 6:08 AM, Ohdasmec said...
Too funny
At 7/24/14 5:44 PM, mscharacterzero said...
At 7/12/14 8:19 AM, chachachachanges said...
I laughed when I heard this. Now this greeting is on my phone!!
At 6/5/13 8:00 AM, TWD1 said...
I like it nice greeting good and short music puts a smile on my face
At 6/27/12 12:17 PM, Carneyzx11 said...
At 4/16/12 11:39 PM, TBerry said...
This is one of the best prank greetings
At 10/28/11 2:34 PM, Madmatg said...
At 9/21/11 10:11 PM, mzrealtalk67 said...
Wicked kool ole skool jam!!!
At 8/17/11 4:08 AM, KristoneONE said...
That's just fantastic! Made me laugh!
At 8/17/11 4:08 AM, KristoneONE said...
That's just fantastic! Made me laugh!
At 7/29/11 10:20 AM, Glitter369 said...
Love it!
At 7/11/11 6:46 PM, anaughtynation said...
i cant believe know one is posting on any of anaughtynation work i put in effort to bring good work please comment good or bad so i know what the people like and i can bring you better messages to use
At 2/26/11 9:57 AM, Nrol said...
lol.. sooo funny!
At 2/23/11 10:51 PM, DiamondRoxz said...
It's good that the song is short because people didn't call to listen to music & they don't want to wait on the phone forever to leave a message. Well liked. Professional with a hint of fun!
At 11/9/10 11:10 AM, wenny said...
omg rick rolled lol
At 8/11/10 3:13 PM, Keebs said...
too bad most people I know absolutely wouldn't get it.
At 7/19/10 4:48 AM, weaklinks said...
wish song was longer
At 7/9/10 7:12 PM, jasonunderscorem said...
At 6/28/10 12:20 PM, Chubbabubba42 said...
At 6/15/10 9:43 PM, texter05 said...
niiiice :D
At 6/10/10 6:48 AM, vexed said...
love it
At 6/2/10 2:34 PM, Shmegma said...
At 4/25/10 10:39 PM, djness said...
so incredibly awesome!
At 4/13/10 2:03 PM, *Anonymous* said...
Know your meme - The Rickroll
At 4/8/10 7:43 PM, *Anonymous* said...

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