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Added: 12/12/14
From: wsie
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Added: 11/22/14
From: LegsNY
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Added: 11/15/14
From: MRRodzilla
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Added: 11/1/14
From: MRRodzilla
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Added: 10/4/14
From: MRRodzilla
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Added: 10/2/14
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Added: 9/25/14
From: MRRodzilla
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National Do Not Call Registry
National Do Not Call Registry
Welcome to the National Do Not Call Registry. For English press 1 now...
Added: 3/1/10
From: nickd
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Tags: national call registry ftc telemarketers
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Comments On This Greeting ( 31 )
At 11/15/14 10:19 AM, Tialin said...
Made of Awesome!
At 11/3/14 5:30 PM, MsTweetie said...
At 8/23/14 6:25 AM, ICURPNT2 said...
Awesome app greeting to discourage spammers.
At 8/23/14 6:25 AM, ICURPNT2 said...
Awesome app greeting to discourage spammers.
At 8/6/14 4:31 AM, soybomb said...
Link to Do Not Call registry
At 7/19/14 9:54 AM, Shea said...
Love it! Great job on a great greeting.
At 11/13/13 7:17 PM, Shorty15 said...
At 5/7/13 9:45 AM, *Anonymous* said...
It's Perfect For ALL The Jerk0ffs Who Won't Stop Calling. Most Of Them Just Hang Up Ad Soon As They Hear It.
At 5/31/12 11:06 PM, lexxy3 said...
Do not call me
At 5/25/12 8:34 PM, SoulStryss said...
This is perfect for those damn people who call my cell phone all hours of the day/night trying to get me to buy timeshare. Not to mention bill collectors. (wait... I don't have bill collectors)...
At 5/11/12 11:27 AM, nickd said...
@dmhoff82 That's the intent - hit them with a long message and make it seem unresponsive to their menu choice so they hang up. That's why I put it under ditchmail - enjoy.
At 5/10/12 10:50 AM, dmhoff82 said...
This greeting is perfect for what I need, but is there any way it can just go through the directions once so the person can leave a message after it? Most of my callers would hang up before the long greeting ends. If you can do this for me, or let me know how to do it I'd really appreciate it! Thanks bunches, Dana
At 4/24/12 2:13 PM, niko5 said...
No one ever listens, they press 1 too fast
At 4/14/12 6:57 PM, Vgeezy0587 said...
How do I set this as my greeting?
At 4/10/12 3:18 PM, AEes said...
At 3/12/12 2:20 AM, nelliamariah said...
At 10/9/11 8:36 PM, brando said...
At 9/25/11 10:35 PM, *Anonymous* said...
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At 9/23/11 9:51 PM, Dickdowndaily said...
At 9/3/11 3:44 PM, BotherPAC21 said...
This me
At 8/25/11 2:26 PM, Daddyswife said...
I love it!!!!
At 8/8/11 2:35 PM, BADSMOMMY said...
At 7/30/11 2:25 PM, Plato442 said...
Hahaha! Sweet!
At 6/30/11 6:18 PM, indiee said...
I love so setting it now
At 6/22/11 10:32 AM, Jakester said...
Simply AWESOME!!!
At 5/28/11 4:27 PM, *Anonymous* said...
At 5/7/10 6:38 PM, *Anonymous* said...
bill collectors ring my phone lololol
At 5/6/10 11:38 AM, MellyMel said...
This greeting is hilarious I love it this website is the best I love to mess with people and this is the best way to do it
At 4/29/10 2:57 PM, LaserPewPew said...
hmm Maybe this one will work since National do not call registry doesn't even months after I report calls while signed up. Great Greeting btw thanks :D
At 4/8/10 2:47 AM, omgfunny said...
OMG, this is one of the best greetings ever.
At 3/3/10 9:05 PM, HaGEE said...

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