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From: MRRodzilla
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How sweet it is to be loved ..
How sweet it is to be loved by you
How sweet it is to be loved by you - Marvin Gaye, a motown classic track
Added: 8/6/07
From: Boardwalk
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Tags: love
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Comments On This Greeting ( 25 )
At 3/20/15 4:06 AM, Daisy2 said...
At 2/14/15 11:42 AM, cdrocab said...
James Taylor just a bit whiter than Marvin but oh is Marvin voice sweet.
At 2/6/15 4:38 AM, Gsdale said...
This isn't Marvin Gaye
At 2/6/15 4:38 AM, Gsdale said...
This isn't Marvin Gaye
At 2/6/15 4:38 AM, Gsdale said...
This isn't Marvin Gaye
At 1/24/15 8:36 PM, juicy69 said...
I love the song it sounds too to me your suck
At 10/10/14 3:43 AM, mesr said...
Very nice I will use it for my husband
At 8/10/14 9:00 PM, Braxtons68 said...
God bless everybody thank you Jesus .EveryBody is okay I want able to come to the phone have a good night.
At 6/28/14 6:00 AM, chola said...
Luv it:)
At 11/8/13 4:43 PM, Useless said...
What th f***k, are u retards? Please get a recording studio, I can't wait or rather will not , for pretty woman.
At 7/31/12 2:27 PM, *Anonymous* said...
Sounds like you recorded someone else's lousy ringtone. Learn how to record, then try again.
At 6/21/12 2:37 PM, Chubby65 said...
At 6/6/12 10:48 AM, slylady said...
@tgifbos...that's a good one:)
At 11/3/11 6:52 PM, Admj said...
How do u set individual voicemail greetings
At 8/17/11 4:19 AM, KristoneONE said...
Sorry but recording quality isnt great.
At 8/2/11 9:05 PM, jsonpon said...
love it
At 1/11/11 2:23 PM, Pebbles0115 said...
They are NOT off key they are simply singing it at a lower key.. They sound fine!!
At 3/15/10 4:41 PM, Paulscowboys said...
Who cares if its off key don't listen
At 2/19/10 3:42 PM, tgifbos said...
Juat what my husband needs to here when I dont answer the phone, that way I stay out of trouble lol
At 1/30/10 12:58 PM, *Anonymous* said...
This does not sound like James Taylor. Whoever is singing is off key.
At 10/20/09 5:22 PM, AldenVS said...
HAHAHAHA! Definitely James Taylor!
At 10/11/09 6:43 PM, ThatsMRDouchebagtoyou said...
Ummm no. That's James Taylor.
At 7/4/09 8:55 AM, *Anonymous* said...
i really enjoy! these answer tone, they are what! i really need for my cell phonw.
At 8/18/08 12:08 PM, *Anonymous* said...
It would be a really good one if it was a clearer sound. It sounds too low and old
At 6/17/08 7:15 AM, *Anonymous* said...
not a very good recording

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