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AT&T Wireless Number No Long..
AT&T Wireless Number No Longer in Service
Message starts with SIT code for number changed or disconnected, followed by male AT&T voice explaining that the number is no longer in service; after that the AT&T chime/jingle plays and the message repeats. I filled out the remainder of the minute with silence.
Added: 4/29/08
From: kishi
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Tags: att ditch telemarketer
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Comments On This Greeting ( 24 )
At 4/14/13 1:32 PM, *Anonymous* said...
perfect for VERIZON wireless or TMOBILE
At 7/23/12 1:02 PM, wadejm533 said...
At 7/20/12 9:27 AM, Tiaa10465 said...
this is perfect
At 7/12/12 8:48 PM, Elpachy said...
At 2/3/12 8:24 PM, ceeceep said...
I'm so happy!!!!! I got a guy to stop calling. Thanks to this message.
At 12/9/11 8:22 PM, VA11 said...
the silence part is a litlle longer than it needs to be other wise i like
At 9/9/11 6:51 AM, tranesha said...
To set this greeting for specific 1 Click Use this Greeting to add it to your Greeting List 2 Add the specific person's name & number to your Contact List & save it. While still under the My Voicemail tab at the extreme top left 3 Click Greetings at the top Left 4 Click All Greetings @ the Left 5 You'll see the title of this Greeting and it'll say Heard by Nobody 6 Click the little grayed out PLUS sign and it'll list all of your contacts. 7 Click on the person you want this heard by and Save IT WORKS GREAT! For added support, also click to Ditch the contact done by clicking on Ditch while you are in the Contacts menu so it'll hang up on them. Otherwise after your selected greeting is played it'll give the person a voicemail beep tone and let them leave a message. Not effective if you REALLY want them to think your phone is disconnected.
At 9/7/11 7:46 AM, *Anonymous* said...
How do you set this message to a particular number? Thanks!
At 1/20/11 9:38 PM, Richy said...
Does anyone know how to use a disconnect greeting, for incoming calls that show unknown caller or blocked numbers. If you know how pls. e-mail me at,
At 4/12/10 11:48 PM, *Anonymous* said...
OK OK Its been 2 months using this recording on callers not in my phonebook. It got rid of 100% of the collection agencys.. Woirks Xcellent
At 2/27/10 4:12 PM, THEBLACK1 said...
At 2/24/10 9:40 PM, *Anonymous* said...
So far so good. Seems to work well for BILL COLLECTORS that like to fill up your voice-mail and cost your minutes you already can not afford. Lifes tough enough.
At 11/28/09 9:14 AM, JUSTLETMEGETIN said...
At 7/2/09 11:59 AM, Houston said...
At 6/8/09 10:45 AM, *Anonymous* said...
Lol when Verizon calls me they hear this message.
At 3/27/09 5:18 PM, *Anonymous* said...
I have verizon so it would be hilarious when people get confused
At 3/26/09 11:26 AM, mx886 said...
At 1/8/09 10:52 AM, *Anonymous* said...
doesn't work for me. Recordings keep calling...argh!
At 11/3/08 7:02 PM, phillygurl2000 said...
At 10/17/08 8:10 AM, hermetics said...
This is absolutely awesome. I have been looking for just this message forever.
At 9/22/08 6:59 AM, *Anonymous* said...
This is great for bill collectors once you figure out all the numbers they use.
At 9/8/08 7:53 AM, Smooth said...
Great I have just the Person for this greeting
At 8/26/08 3:20 PM, jason10 said...
well done.
At 7/7/08 7:57 PM, *Anonymous* said...
perfect! and then the silence at the end.... great.

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