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Out of Service Tones with Bl..
Out of Service Tones with Blocked Calls Message
(SIT) This phone does not accept calls from blocked or unknown numbers. Please unblock your phone and try again. Thank you and goodbye. [SIT - this is the tone used to indicate that a phone is disconnected. Great way to remove yourself from automated dialers.]
Added: 10/4/08
From: PeterRaymond
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Tags: unknown sit disconnected ditchmail ditch blocked
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Comments On This Greeting ( 3 )
At 6/16/10 6:31 AM, Blueide1 said...
This is the best of the BLOCKED CALL messages. It begins with the SIT tones, mentions both BLOCKED and UNKNOWN calls, and is very clearly recorded. You also have a great speaking voice. Is there anyway you could record the same thing, adding the short instruction on how to unblock a number with the *82? If you would do that, keeping the same even speed throughout, this would blow all the other DITCHMAIL messages out of the water! Thank you!
At 12/9/09 7:34 PM, sander said...
how do i use this?
At 6/26/09 8:46 AM, *Anonymous* said...
The message is OK, but their system DOES NOT recognize when the caller unblocks their number (*82) first, even though the receiver's phone will.

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